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Welcome to our Digital Futures Initiative (DFi) Training Catalogue page!

Content is accessible but a 'Login' and 'Create new account' MUST be completed first.  After providing a 'Username' and valid 'Email Address' accessing the content is done by a verifying email.  Simply check the provided email for an ACTIVATED account from a DFi Administrator and 'click' the link within the email to enter a password.  Once a password is created from the email link - access is granted to all the DFi Training Catalogue Content, Forums and Certification in the Unit lesson(s) to become a DFi Instructor. 

Once a user is in the Training Catalogue, choose any program area from this screen to begin online training by placing the cursor over the arrow |>| and clicking the "Subscribe to Group" button. You will not be able to access any training until you Subscribe.  However, if a user 'clicks' on the title of a unit lesson first the site transfers to the lessons home page and now the arrow |>| will appear in the far right corner to "Subscribe to Group" to allow access to the training content.

Upon completion of ALL lessons and Exams within a Unit a Certificate will be generated.  Within the Certificate will be a Note: with a link "Please Click Here to download the lesson files"  Please 'click' on the provide link within the Certificate and receive the downloadable PowerPoint and materials needed for teaching each lesson.  It's not required to teach all lessons in a Unit only to be certified in all lessons for a particular Unit.

The process for Downloading, Extracting & Enabling the Usable Power Point Lesson with embedded videos is different depending on the browser used (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari). Please follow these instructions when they appear or use our Forums page for the steps. 

Please enjoy the Digital Futures Initiative (DFi) training experience!